What’s your kind of party? For Ava Wild, it’s a dancing around a tea pot with a room full hullabaloo. In a red shoe attitude and a honey sweet voice, she’s swingin’ with reckless perfection.  From the skies of Saskatchewan Ava Wild began to collect inspiration and translate her world through music. Dwelling primarily in the genres of soul-jazz and indie-pop, she draws influence from the likes of Tom Waits, St.Vincent, Sade and Big Audio Dynamite. Ava's got drinking songs without alcohol; fairytales wrapped in leather; and an admiration for humanity. 

Thanks to her song “White Toothed Bastard”, Ava Wild has won the SOCAN Young Songwriter of the Year award, got sponsored by Primadonna Lingerie, Blundstone Shoes, and has toured festivals and venues across Canada. Set to release new music in 2019, Ava Wild is a determined and dedicated artist, striving for mastery in her own soulful-indie style.